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  • This episode includes feedback from 4 people who did the challenges and their favorite take-aways.


What our Challengees Have to Say...

Sandy A.


“The Love Your Story challenges are simple, effective, and beg to be immediately implemented.

I strongly recommend these challenges to everyone!”

Haley W.


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Kim O.

Team Leader

“I love that these challenges are extended in simplicity, yet when applied have a deep impact. I love seeing the unifying bond that’s being created from our shared experience. Will do this again next year.” - 

Bernadette P.


"Lori has created a concise format for self-discovery and growth that is easily integrated into your daily life and activities. As with anything in this realm, the level of engagement and effort entered into the process is directly proportionate to the results. 


Exploring these L.I.F.E challenges with a few friends, as a couple, or as a family is where the dividends start pouring in. When we share our different experiences along the same path we gain added insight while enriching our relationships in the process. "

Amy C.


“My experience wit the 21 Day Challenges in 2021 was so rewarding. It was such a wonderful experience to engage in these challenges with such a wonderful group of supportive ladies! I felt empowered and cheered on the entire time as I lived my life with more intention. I loved it!”

Karla D.


The thing I liked most about this practice was that it reminded me I am the source of my creation. I get to choose my responses to life and get to intentionally create whatever I want to. This helps to pull me out of feeling like a victim or not good enough.  I now feel I have more power and can weather or reframe any storm. Great tools.