What are the

The 21 Life Connection Challenges take you and your people on a 21-day journey of gaining connection and a set of life hacks that will open spaces of connection  self-awareness, forward momentum, new ideas and possibilities. 


It creates:

  • Team Connection

  • Increased Performance

  • Loyalty

  • Engagement

  • Personal and Team Growth

  • Individual Self Care

  • Possibility


There are TWO options to bring these life changing challenges to your team...Group Style and DIY (Do It Yourself)!

The 21 L.I.F.E Connection Challenges

Group Style

This style is completely done for you and your team.

You get to focus on connection and growth and know that Lori has the details covered! This is all done in our secure membership site with lots of communication and interaction!

Here is what is included:

  • A copy of L.I.F.E - Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday - the 21 Life Connection Challenges (the book) - for each participant 
  • A Love your Story t-shirt for each participant
  • Access to the LIFE Challenge Membership site which includes:
    • exclusive team discussion board,
    • supporting video and audio throughout the program,
    • leader board for tracking progress
    • daily emails to each participant with challenge information and a link to their challenge portal
  • Introductory Kick-off Zoom team meeting with Lori Lee 
  • Finale Zoom Celebration, with Lori Lee, awards given
  • Connection, Support and Coaching with Lori Lee on the team discussion boards

The 21 L.I.F.E Connection Challenges

DIY - Do it Yourself

DIY style is just that...you get to do it yourself. 

You get a perfectly curated package with EVERYTHING you need to run with and host this challenge yourself for and with your team!

Here's what's included:

  • To Do List
  • Suggestions for Success - How to organize and run your group.
  • Graphic Assets: including graphics of the book, quotes, logo, etc.
  • Audio Assets: Links to all the supportive audio available for the challenges.
  • Sample Invite wording
  • Daily wall posts
  • Social media links
  • Platform set-up suggestion
  • 10 autographed copies of L.I.F.E. - Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday: the 21 Life Connection Challenges.


Get your own Love Your Story T-shirt.

Shirts come in both women and men styles.



Order your copy/s of L.I.F.E. Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday the 21 L.I.F.E Connection Challenges 

What our Challengees Have to Say...

Sandy A.


“The Love Your Story challenges are simple, effective, and beg to be immediately implemented. I strongly recommend these challenges to everyone!”



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Kim O.

Team Leader

“I love that these challenges are extended in simplicity, yet when applied have a deep impact. I love seeing the unifying bond that’s being created from our shared experience. Will do this again next year.” 

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